until i asked what she wanted & this is what she had to say.

damn do i want this necklace.
found an urban outfitters in germany & actually peed my pants a little.
no i joke, but really my heart stopped for a second. who knew HAMBURG had an U.O!
i was with my grandma & she didnt understand at all what was going on.
but i saw this necklace & it costs 42 euros, which i find to be a bit expensive when im about to go to greece for 2 weeks.
i have no money.
but i think im going to buy it anyway.

try stop me.


Kristen said...

Do itttttt. Money comes and goes, when will you find this again? Love it!

alackofcolour said...

hahahaah thank you for that.
yes but you see i have a problem.
i am booking a trip to greece and its sososo expensive cus im going to a million places.
& i would feel guilty for buying a necklace.
hahaha.. im retardo i know.
but fuck it, livvee a little! hahaah
my motto is life.