Jeffrey Campbell said...

dear elin rut,
i will look into it asap. what size would u like them in?
also u have an amazing icelandic friend. i think her name is loa. take good care of her and feed her loots of chocolate (dont make her fat though) then all ur dreams will come true.
kind regards,
jeff the chef

alackofcolour said...

Dear Jeffrey Campbell.
Thank you so much.
Size 38EU (7 1/2US) would be great.
Yes im glad you noticed how amazing she is.
you can find her with a plant over her face in one of the photos below on my blog.

i will feed her as much as i am able to.
Yes we dont want her to be fat, otherwise who will i go boyhunting with .. noone likes a fatty.

Lots of Love

Kristen said...

Awesome that you found somewhere because being that I've always lived here, I really have no idea on cheap places! I'm actually the worst Manhattan tour guide ever, my foreign friends are always amazed when they come to visit.. They usually show me more places than I show them.

BUT - Brooklyn on the other hand, I know. If thats somewhere you wanted to visit (way cooler than Manhattan anyways! Great vintage there. Check out Beacon's Closet (I think its on North 11th and Kent off of the Bedford stop on the L Train) in Williamsburg. You'll find tons of little shops around.

We usually go to this bar called The Woods on South 4th and Kent which actually has dance music and an ourdoor garden with a taco stand. The Charleston on Bedford is a punk dive, theres a German Beer Garden, a great Thai food place on North 6th and Berry called 'Chai Thai'. Lombardi's Pizza is the best in Manhattan its on Mott St in Little Italy. Alphabet city down east of Astor Place and St.Marks has a cool punk vibe, tons of vintage shops over there.

Let me know if you need anything else. Hope you have an awesome time and take lots of photos!