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Kristen said...

Stunning photos. Where'd you find them?

Ah well please take lots of photos when you're back in Iceland! I'll live vicariously through you once again.

Ooo well I've lived in Boston and NY! But I don't remember what was good in Boston, it was a drunken blur of 3 months. Let me know if you'd like to go out in Brooklyn one night, my friends and I are always down to grab a drink and dance with hipsters. Either way let me know and I'll give you a few good places to check out!

Ah well no sexual assault cases unfortunately... I had to work with Dov, the owner, this week though and I think he's brilliant. I don't want him to leave NY! He's a ball of energy and gets things done. I love working there though, its kind of taken over my life. In a good way?

No big plans. Moving to another apartment in September, going back to school, beach, drink, work, play. I don't mind though, I'm having a great time!

What are you coming to NY for? When does your school start again?